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From the English dictionary:

soapie etymology From soap + ie.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, informal) A soap opera.
    • 1988, Gunther Kress, Communication and Culture, New South Wales University Press, [http//|%22soapies%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&source=bl&ots=s2-VNc8avx&sig=RdEnPbShgsiMf-kkbI0vXPBi2CE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=v0hXUI_RKe-wiQeZqIDIBA&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22soapie%22|%22soapies%22%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false page 177], The conventions include…impossibly complicated interrelationships (most characters in soapies are either related or married or have slept together, and in celebrated instances, all three).
    • 1994, Gaile McGregor, EcCentric Visions: Re Constructing Australia, [http//|%22soapies%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&source=bl&ots=05g3OLhfVB&sig=9hlMxVAkqptH6TQsfgJU3CzKfcQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=v0hXUI_RKe-wiQeZqIDIBA&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22soapie%22|%22soapies%22%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false page 187], In terms of its general mood, the average Australian soapie, in comparison with the American soap, is less intense, less subjective, and certainly a good deal less angst-ridden.
    • {{quote-news}}
Synonyms: soap (US)
  • apiose

From the Spanish dictionary:

móvil etymology Borrowed from Latin mobilis. See also mueble, from the same source.
adjective: {{es-adj}}
  1. mobile
  • inmóvil
noun: {{es-noun}}
  1. (Spain) cellular, cell phone (US), mobile phone (UK)
  2. A sculpture or decorative arrangement made of items hanging so that they can move independently from each other ().
    • 2000, Linda Levin and Eileen Bropson, Mi manual de bebé: una guía de referencia manejable al primer año de su bebé, Square Peg Press, page 63 Cuelge un móvil aproximadamente de ocho a 12 pulgadas de retirado de la cara del bebé en los primeros meses. Hang a mobile about eight to 12 inches away from the baby's face in the first months.
Synonyms: teléfono móvil (informal), teléfono celular (Spain), celular (informal)
related terms:
  • movilidad
  • movilizar

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