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From the Vietnamese dictionary:

bồ 〈bồ〉 pronunciation {{vi-pron}}
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. (informal) date, love interest
  2. (informal) mate, pal, buddy
  3. bamboo basket
pronoun: {{vi-pronoun}}
  1. (informal) you (used to address a mate, pal)
Synonyms: bồ tèo 〈bồ tèo〉, gấu 〈gấu〉, gà bông

From the English dictionary:

tonight Alternative forms: to-night (obsolete), tonite (US) etymology From Old English tōniht. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
adverb: {{en-adv}}
  1. During the night following the current day. I want to party tonight! I had a wonderful time with you tonight.
  2. (obsolete) Last night.
    • 1596, , , IV. ii. 165: Besides, I met Lord Bigot and Lord Salisbury, / With eyes as red as new-enkindled fire, / And others more, going to seek the grave / Of Arthur, whom they say is killed to-night / On your suggestion.
    • 1599, , , III. iii. 1: I dreamt tonight that I did feast with Caesar, / And things unluckily charge my fantasy;
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. The nighttime of the current day or date; this night. Tonight is the night. I have high hopes for tonight.
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