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From the English dictionary:

poochie etymology pooch + ie
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal, hypocoristic) A dog; a pooch.
    • 2007, Patt Mihailoff, Baby Papers (page 66) “That's not a good name for a poochie as cute as you,” she said snuggling the dog to her. “It is when you get to know him,” Julian said eyeing the traitorous hound.
    • 2009, Megan McMorris, Woman's Best Friend (page 147) A doggie diner, a poochie playdate, a puppy kindergarten. No matter, you will not be embarrassed. Surely people have always loved their dogs this much, that is what I tell myself, and you will too.

From the English dictionary:

initialism: {{rfc-header}} {{head}}
  1. (optics) particle image velocimetry
  2. (electronics) peak inverse voltage
  3. (medicine) peripheral intravenous
  4. (colloquial) penis-in-vagina
    • {{quote-book }}
    • {{quote-book }}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (pathology) abbreviation of parainfluenza virus
  • V.I.P., VIP

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