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gat etymology From Dutch gat.
noun: {{af-noun}}
  1. hole; perforation
  2. gap; opening exampleHy't 'n gat in sy opvoeding. He has a gap in his education.
  3. hole or hollowed out area used as a shelter or home by animals
  4. (figuratively) dump; a run-down living space, room or house exampleJinne! Jy bly in 'n gat! Man! You live in a dump!
  5. (golf) hole; cup
Synonyms: (gap) gaping, (golf) putjie
noun: {{af-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) anus
  2. (crude) rump; buttocks; bum; ass; backside of a human exampleSit op jou gat! Sit on your ass!
  3. the backside of animals or objects exampleDie olifant staan met sy gat na ons toe. The elephant is standing with his backside turned to us.
Synonyms: (backside, ass) agterstewe, blaker, stert, (anus) hol, poephol

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