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hu Alternative forms: Gheg:
  • indef. sg. huni
  • def. pl. hûj
, indef. sg. huni, def. pl. hûj
etymology From Proto-Albanian *skuna, from *skun-o- (compare Norwegian/Faroese skon ‘snout’), from Proto-Indo-European *skeud-.Adam Hyllested, “Albanian ''hundë'' ‘nose’ and Faroese, SW Norwegian ''skon'' ‘snout’”, in ''Proceedings of the 23rd Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference'' (Bremen: Hempen, 2012), 73-81. More at hedh.
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. wooden post, fencepost
  2. stake, picket
  3. pole, stilt
  4. (colloquial) penis
related terms:
  • hundë

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