The Alternative Albanian Dictionary: makth

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Entry definition

etymology 1 Diminutive of mak ‘opium poppy’. Alternative forms: mokth, mâkth (Gheg)
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. {{vern}}, melilot (Melilotus)
  2. St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum)
etymology 2 From variant mangth, diminutive of mang ‘animal young, cub’. Alternative forms: mangth, mekth
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. leveret, young rabbit
Synonyms: lepurush
related terms:
  • mang
etymology 3 Diminutive of makë ‘scum’.
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. placenta; afterbirth
Synonyms: makrosë
etymology 4 From variant mankth, from intensive prefix - + ankth. More at ankth. Alternative forms: mankth, mangth
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. (folklore) bogeyman who comes at night to steal a person's spirit
  2. (colloquial) nightmare
related terms:
  • ang, ankth

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