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yll {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: hyll, plural: yj, East Gheg: uvill, uj, ydh, South Tosk, Arvanitic, Arbëreshë: ill, ull
  • plural: ile
, plural: ile
  • (Tosk) /yɫ/
etymology From Proto-Albanian *usli, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁usli 〈*h₁usli〉 (compare Old English ysle), from *h₁ews- 〈*h₁ews-〉 (compare Latin urere, Ancient Greek εὕω 〈heúō〉).
noun: {{sq-noun}}
  1. (astronomy) star
  2. (colloquial) shooting star
  3. (figurative, old) fate, luck
  4. (figurative, colloquial) reputation
  5. (figurative) guiding light
  • yll me bisht ‘comet’
  • yll deti ‘starfish’
  • ylli i karvanit ‘morning star, Venus’
  • ylli polar ‘northern star’

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