The Alternative Ancient Greek Dictionary: παιδοφίλης

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παιδοφίλης 〈paidophílēs〉 pronunciation {{grc-IPA}}
etymology 1 παῖς ‘boy’ + φιλέω ‘love’
noun: {{grc-noun}}
  1. (pejorative, primarily) lover of boys, pedophile
    • quotationThgn., , 1357
    • quotationTelecl., , 49
Synonyms: παιδερᾰστής 〈paiderăstḗs〉
etymology 2 A regularly declined form of παιδόφῐλος 〈paidóphĭlos〉.
adjective: {{head}}
  1. inflection of παιδόφῐλος

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