The Alternative Ancient Greek Dictionary: ἄνθρωπος

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ἄνθρωπος 〈ánthrōpos〉 Alternative forms: {{grc-alt}}, {{grc-alt}}, {{grc-alt}} etymology Scholars used to consider it to be a compound from ἀνήρ 〈anḗr〉 and ὤψ 〈ṓps〉 "he who looks like a man". argues that since no convincing Indo-European etymology has been found, the word is probably of pregrc origin; he connects the word with the word δρώψ 〈drṓps〉. proposed another etymology in his 2007 article « Nouvelles réflexions étymologiques autour du grec ἄνθρωπος », deriving it from Proto-Indo-European *n̥dʰreh₃kʷó- 〈*n̥dʰreh₃kʷó-〉, hence "earthly, human". pronunciation {{grc-pron}}
noun: {{grc-noun}}
  1. man
  2. human being
  • Greek: άνθρωπος 〈ánthrōpos〉
noun: {{grc-noun}}
  1. (derogatory) woman
  2. (derogatory) female slave

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