The Alternative Arabic Dictionary: عم

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Entry definition

عم 〈ʿm〉
etymology 1
verb: {{ar-verb}}
  1. to be or become general
  2. to spread, to prevail
verb: {{ar-verb}}
  1. to comprise, to include, to encompass, to pervade
  2. to extend, to stretch, to be diffused, to be prevailing
etymology 2
noun: عَمّ 〈ʿam̃〉
  1. paternal uncle
  2. (informal) term of address to an older person
etymology 3
particle: {{ar-particle}}
  1. (Levantine) Marks the present progressive tense. exampleشُو عَم بِيصِير؟ 〈sẖū ʿam bīṣīr?〉 What is happening?

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