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مصر 〈mṣr〉 {{wikipedia}}
etymology 1 From a common sem source; compare Hebrew מִצְרַיִם 〈miẕĕrayim〉 and Ugaritic {{rfscript}}. The ending in Hebrew and Ugaritic is the standard dual form, perhaps related to the ancient conceptualization of Egypt as two realms: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. pronunciation
  • /misˤɾ/
  • (Egypt) /masˤɾ/
  • {{audio}}
proper noun: مَصْر 〈maṣ̊r〉
  1. Egypt
  2. (colloquial) Cairo
noun: مَصْر 〈maṣ̊r〉
  1. big city, metropolis, capital
etymology 2 Derived from the active participle of أَصَرّ 〈ạảṣar̃〉, from the root ص ر ر 〈ṣ r r〉.
adjective: مُصِرّ 〈muṣir̃〉
  1. insistent
etymology 3 Denominal verb from مِصْر 〈miṣ̊r〉.
verb: {{ar-verb}}
  1. to found, to build, to settle, to civilize, to colonize
related terms:
  • تمصير 〈tmṣyr〉
  • متمصر 〈mtmṣr〉
  • مصري 〈mṣry〉
  • مصرية 〈mṣryẗ〉

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