The Alternative Armenian Dictionary: բոշա

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բոշա 〈boša〉 {{wikipedia}} pronunciation {{hy-pron}}
noun: {{hy-noun}}
  1. (sometimes, offensive) a member of the Bosha, an Armenian Gypsy : a member of the
  2. (colloquial, offensive) beggar
  3. (colloquial, offensive) bum, hobo, tramp
  4. (colloquial, offensive) impudent, barefaced person
This term is an exonym and carries negative connotations such as "constantly begging", "impudent" and "shameless";'''2002''', in ''Anthropology & archeology of Eurasia: Volumes 41-42'', page 23: "Although "Bosha" and "Tsygan" [Gypsy] imply diametrically opposite concepts in Gyumri (the former is constantly begging, while the second will never give anything no matter how much you beg), they are found in one and the same semantic space. {{...}} the definition of an Armenian respondent from the village of Dzhraber (Armenia) seems extremely typical: 'a Bosha is an impudent person who has lost all sense of shame — a biznesmen.'" many members of the Lom people find its use offensive.'''2002''', in ''Anthropology & archeology of Eurasia: Volumes 41-42'', page 20: "The word "Gnchu" as an ethnonym to designate all Gypsies came into regular use in the nineteenth century, when the first research about Armenian Gypsies appeared. However, it never entered broad usage in Armenia and is not used as a name for "Armenian Gypsies." This term is no more acceptable to the Armenian Gypsies than the term "Bosha," and its widespread usage would offend then, inasmuch as it would draw a dividing line between them and the Armenians once and for all."

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