The Alternative Armenian Dictionary: թափել

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թափել 〈tʻapʻel〉 etymology From xcl թափեմ 〈tʻapʻem〉 and թափիմ 〈tʻapʻim〉 pronunciation
  • (hy-E) [tʰɑˈpʰɛl]
verb: {{hy-verb}}
  1. (transitive) to empty, to pour out; (by accident) to spill
  2. (transitive) to pour into
  3. to strew, to scatter
  4. to throw down
  5. to throw away, throw out
  6. (rare) to found, to cast (in a mould)
  7. (vulgar, slang) to ejaculate, to cum
  8. (figuratively, to express) to pour out, to give vent (to)
  9. to shed, to spill արյուն թափել 〈aryun tʻapʻel〉 (aryun t’ap’el) — to shed blood արցունք թափել 〈arcʻunkʻ tʻapʻel〉 (arc’unk’ t’ap’el) — to shed tears

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