The Alternative Armenian Dictionary: լահմաջո

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լահմաջո 〈lahmaǰo〉 Alternative forms: լահմաջին 〈lahmaǰin〉, լահմաջոն 〈lahmaǰon〉, լահմաջու 〈lahmaǰu〉, լահմաջուն 〈lahmaǰun〉 etymology From Arabic لحم عجين 〈lḥm ʿjyn〉, from لحم 〈lḥm〉 + عجين 〈ʿjyn〉. Some of the spellings came via Turkish lahmacun. The form լահմաջուն 〈lahmaǰun〉 is considered the most literate but by far is the most common. pronunciation
  • (hy-E) [lɑhmɑˈdʒo], (colloquial) [lɑmɑˈdʒo]
noun: {{hy-noun}}
  1. lahmacun

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