The Alternative Armenian Dictionary: -ություն

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-ություն 〈-utʻyun〉 etymology From xcl -ութիւն 〈-utʻiwn〉. pronunciation
  • (hy-E) [uˈtʰjun], (colloquial, widespread) [uˈtʰʲun]
suffix: {{head}}
  1. Forms numerous abstract and collective nouns; -ity, -ness, -dom, -hood, -y. scArmnserious scArmnseriousness scArmnterrorist scArmnterrorism scArmnintellectual scArmnintelligentsia
  • This suffix is very productive.
  • The pronunciation [uˈtʰʲun] arose under the influence of Russian, [tʰ] becoming palatalized before a vowel/diphthong. According to Dum-Tragut, it is a typical feature of colloquial Armenian, and is also regarded as highly conventional and as being used in public, journalistic language.

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