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а 〈a〉
pronunciation 1: {{rfc-pron-n}}
  • /a/
letter: {{head}}
  1. The first letter of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. It is followed by the letter б (b).
particle: {{head}}
  1. used in orders for emphasis, let’s, just А върви де! - Come on, go ahead! А да идем на кино. - Let’s go to the pictures. А удари ме, ако смееш. - Just you hit me, if you dare. Кажи де, а кажи! - Speak up, do!
  2. just, about to, on the point of, almost разперила криле, а-а да хвръкне - with wings spread out, about to fly off
interjection: {{head}}
  1. used to express surprise or wonder, ah, oh, ha, why А, ето къде си бил! - Ah, there you are! А, значи ти хареса. - Oh, so you liked it. А! Не те видях. - Oh! I didn't see you there. А, Джейн, ти ли си! - Why Jane, it's you!
  2. used to express pleasure, relief, ah А, пролетните цветя. - Ah, the flowers of spring. А, спомням си старите времена. - Ah, I remember the good old days.
  3. used when you are not certain about something and you would like confirmation, eh, well, right, or translated with a tag question Хареса ти, а? - So, you liked it, eh/did you? Утре заминаваш, а? - You're leaving tomorrow, right?
  4. (colloquial) used to indicate that one did not hear what was said, eh, huh ‘Не съм гладен.’ ‘А?’ ‘Казах, че не съм гладен.’ - ‘I'm not hungry.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘I said I'm not hungry.’ А? Какво каза? - Huh? What did you say?
  5. used to express understanding, recognition, or realization, oh А, значи така работело. - Oh, so that's how it works. А, сега ми дойде на ум! - Oh, I’ve just thought of it. А, да, сетих се! - Oh, yes, I remember.
  6. used to express displeasure, objection Изпуснал влака … ама работа, а! - So he missed the train … what a damned nuisance! А, той ще ми каже! - He's not the one to tell me! Ще ми се плезиш, а! - Don't stick out your tongue at me!
  7. used to express criticism or disapproval, now А-а, така не може! - Now, this sort of thing can’t go on/won’t do! А, Били, така не се говори на майка си! - Now, Billy, that's no way to talk to your mother!
pronunciation 2:
  • (stressed) /a/
  • (unstressed) /ɐ/, /ə/
conjunction: {{head}}
  1. used to describe how two facts are different, whereas, while Мислехме си, че е арогантна, а всъщност просто беше много срамежлива. - We thought she was arrogant, whereas in fact she was just very shy. Той има кафяви очи, а децата му имат зелени очи. - He has brown eyes whereas his children have green eyes. Едни се раждат, а други умират. - Some are born while others die.
  2. used to introduce an idea that is different or opposite to the idea that is desired, expected or that you have stated previously, but, yet, rather Не музиката не харесвам, а самата банда. - It's not the music I don't like but (rather) the band themselves. Тя получи повишението не заради късмет, а с усърдна работа. - She got the promotion not by luck but by hard work. Стените не бяха бели, а по-скоро мръсно сиви. - The walls were not white, but rather a sort of dirty grey. Той има добра работа, а като че ли никога няма пари. - He has a good job, and yet he never seems to have any money. Мислех си, че те познавам, а колко съм грешал. - I thought I knew you, yet how wrong I was. Видях го вчера, а не днес. - I saw him yesterday, not today.
  3. used to start a new sentence or clause that continues or adds to a previous sentence or clause, and Минаха години и всичко се промени. А той все още не се завръщаше. - Years passed and everything changed. And he still hadn't come back.
Synonyms: но, ала, ама

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