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онзи 〈onzi〉 pronunciation
  • /ˈɔnzi/
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. Used in indicating a person or thing that is away from the interlocutors, often in contrast with another person or thing nearby; that, that one exampleПознаваш ли онзи човек? exampleКой искаш? Този или онзи? exampleТози влак ходи до Чикаго, а онзи - до Ню Йорк.
  2. Used in indicating something or someone already mentioned or known about, but that is away from the interlocutors either temporally or spatially; that, that one, the one exampleДесет години от онзи трагичен инцидент. exampleТой е онзи, на когото дадох парите.
  3. Used to refer to a person or thing that fits a certain description, or to a group in general; he exampleОнзи-който-не-бива-да-се-назовава. exampleОнзи, който търси, намира.
  4. (derogatory) Used to indicate the speaker's derogatory attitude towards someone or something; he, that one exampleКакво искаше онзи?
related terms: {{Bulgarian demonstrative pronouns}}

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