The Alternative Bulgarian Dictionary: толкоз

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толкоз 〈tolkoz〉 pronunciation
  • /ˈt̪ɔɫkos/
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial or poetic) alternative form of толкова; this much, that much, as much, so much, this many, that many, as many, so many. exampleТрябва ми толкоз вода. exampleТорбата беше пълна с толкоз ябълки, че не можех да я нося.
  • 1870, Hristo Botev, “”, Svoboda (newspaper): … или тоз, що толкоз годин ти пее: / "Търпи, и ще си спасиш душата?!" ili toz, što tolkoz godin ti pee: / "Tǎrpi, i šte si spasiš dušata?!" or he who for so many years has been telling you: / "Have patience and you'll save your soul?!"
related terms: {{Bulgarian demonstrative pronouns}}
adverb: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial or poetic) alternative form of толкова; so, as, so much, that much, this, that. exampleНяма нужда толкоз да се тревожиш. exampleГовореше толкоз тихо, че едва я чувах.
Synonyms: (used to emphasize the degree) така, твърде, много

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