The Alternative Burmese Dictionary: နဲ့

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နဲ့ 〈နဲ့〉 pronunciation
  • /nɛ̰/
conjunction: {{head}} {{my-roman}}
  1. and exampleသူနဲ့သူမ 〈သူနဲ့သူမ〉 he and she
Synonyms: နှင့် 〈နှင့်〉 (formal or written)
postposition: {{head}} {{my-roman}}
  1. with
particle: {{head}} {{my-roman}}
  1. (colloquial) (used with 〈မ〉 to form a negative imperative) exampleမသွားပါနဲ့〈မသွားပါနဲ့။〉 Please don’t go!
Synonyms: နှင့် 〈နှင့်〉 (formal or written)

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