The Alternative Catalan Dictionary: gaèlic

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gaèlic etymology From English Gaelic, ultimately from Old Irish Goídel. When context is not sufficient to resolve the ambiguity with this term, the terms goidèlic and irlandès are preferred.
adjective: {{ca-adj}}
  1. Irish pertaining to Irish or the Irish language
  2. Gaelic pertaining to the Gaels or the Gaelic languages
Synonyms: (Irish) irlandès, (Valencian) irlandés, (Gaellic) goidèlic
noun: {{ca-noun}}
  1. Gael
  2. Irishman
Synonyms: (Irishman) irlandès, (Valencian) irlandés, (Gael) goidèlic
proper noun: {{ca-proper noun}}
  1. Irish the Irish language
  2. Gaelic the Gaelic family of languages
Synonyms: (Irish) irlandès, gaèlic irlandès, (Valencian) irlandés, (Valencian) gaèlic irlandés, (Gaellic) goidèlic

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