The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 八竿子打不著

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八竿子打不著 〈bā gān zi dǎ bù zhe〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology Literally, "Couldn't hit with even eight poles." pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
idiom: {{zh-idiom}}
  1. (colloquial) barely related; far off
    • 2009: Cai Huangshang (彩皇上), 中500萬就「消失」說明了啥 500上虞欣喜若狂高調慶祝大擺宴席紅包然而代價夜間門庭若市不僅八竿子打不著親戚紛至沓來素不相識陌生人開始Ruan from Shangyu was wild with joy when he hit the five million dollar jackpot. He chose to have a lofty celebration, including a massive banquet and huge amounts of hongbao. But he really paid the price when, one night, his house started to become a hive of activity. Not only did a ton of random relatives start pouring into the place, but also complete strangers, all wanting to borrow some of this money.

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