The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 嘿咻

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嘿咻 〈hēi xiū〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology
  • Onomatopoeia, imitating repeated breaths. Coined in Taiwan, originally meaning any laborious work.
pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
verb: {{zh-verb}}
  1. (slang) to have sex; to get it on; to go at it
    • 2006: Yangzi Evening news editorial staff, 做爱时你们到底在想谁 (Who are you really thinking about when you make love?) 女人街上帅哥什么然后晚上男朋友老公嘿咻时候那个帅哥。 (simp.) 女人街上帥哥什麼然後晚上男朋友老公嘿咻時候那個帥哥。 (trad.) A woman will see a hot guy on the street, not even exchange words, but will think about him later on that evening when she is getting it on with her boyfriend or husband.

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