The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 囧

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〈jiǒng〉 {{was fwotd}} {{zh-forms}} etymology {{liushu}}, resembling a window. Variant characters: , , . The slang sense is an emoticon used to express helplessness or awkwardness, usually in a humourous way. This usage gained popularity on Taiwanese forums (aka "BBS"), then spread through the media to Hong Kong, and eventually to Mainland China. Its meaning was influenced by the character {{zh-l}} (homophonic in Mandarin). pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
definitions: {{zh-hanzi}}
  1. {{†}} patterned window; a clear and bright window; shining, brightness
    • {{zh-usex}}
    • {{zh-usex}}
  2. (neologism, slang, jocular) an emoticon expressing surprise, shock, embarrassment, helplessness or awkwardness
    • {{zh-usex}}
Synonyms: Orz, 囧rz, 囧rz=3
descendants: {{Sinoxenic-word}}

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