The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 大腕

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大腕 〈dà wàn〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology (big) + (wrist). Originally (a plant stem), a figure of speech used the to represent a powerful or popular person, used primarily in Chinese opera. It then started being used in film and television circles, gradually entering public speech as 大腕, developing alongside with the expression 铁腕 ("iron fist") as used in politics. pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (slang) a big name; big shot; one who is powerful and famous (especially in entertainment, artistic or academic circles) 这个著名电影明星大腕公开露面狗仔队试图拍摄。 This famous movie star is a big shot - every time he goes out in public, the paparazzi tries to take photos of him.
Alternative forms: 大腕兒 (trad.), 大腕儿 (simp.), 腕兒 (trad.), 腕儿 (simp.)

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