The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 姨父

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姨父 〈yí fù〉 {{zh-forms}} pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (especially, Northern Chinese) uncle, (specifically) the husband of a maternal aunt
Synonyms: 姨丈 〈yí zhàng〉, 姨夫 〈yí fū〉, 姨爹 〈yí diē〉
related terms:
  • (wife) 姨母 〈yí mǔ〉 (see also for list of terms by seniority of one's mother's sisters)
  • (wife) 阿姨 〈ā yí〉, 姨媽 〈yí mā〉, 姨妈 〈yí mā〉

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