The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 宅女

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宅女 〈zhái nǚ〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology
  • {{zh-l}}: borrowed from Japanese お宅 〈o zhái〉 + {{zh-l}} "woman".
pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (slang, neologism) a (female) nerd or homebody
  • 宅女 is a relatively recent addition to Mandarin. The original intended meaning reflected the derrogatory nature of the original Japanese word. However, many women have begun to use 宅女 in a self-deprecating or slightly humorous way when referring to themselves.
related terms:
  • {{zh-l}}: a (male) nerd or homebody
  • {{zh-l}}: otaku

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