The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 怎么樣

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怎么樣 〈zěn me yàng〉 {{zh-hanzi-box}} etymology From 怎么 ("what") + ("type; kind; way") pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
adjective: {{zh-adj}}
  1. how; what; in what way 到底我们怎么样?认真回答……因为你们只是利用一切机会使这个世界变得伪善我们需要一个和平地球这个广阔蓝色地球容纳我们大家。 What on earth do you want us to do/be? (Please) think carefully before answering.. Because what you want to do is utilise every opportunity (available) to make the world look hypocritical. We need a peaceful world. This vast blue planet is able to accommodate us all. 逛街时候传单然后联系方式后来今天他们电话要不要体验他们免费课程正在考虑大家感觉怎么样? (I) was given leaflets when (I) was strolling around the streets. I gave them my contact details and today they called to ask if I wanted to experience firsthand their free lesson. (It is) still under consideration. (I want to) ask you guys, what do you think about their lessons?
  2. all that; not much of; not be hard on
  3. how about; what about
interjection: {{zh-interj}}
  1. (colloquial) how's it going?
related terms:
  • 怎样

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