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棒子 〈bàng zi〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology Senses 1-3 are from ("club, stick"), and the diminutive suffix ―. The origin of sense (4) is a matter of debate. A similar use was attested in the 17-18 century book "Liaozuo Travelogue" (《遼左見聞錄》), where it referred to the "Koreans born of illegitimate affairs between officials and prostitutes", who were discriminated against by the populace. Hence compare Korean {{ko-inline}}. The 1751 book "The Picture Album of Subordinate Peoples of the Qing Dynasty" (《皇清職貢圖》) noted "高麗棒子" (Goryeo bangzi) as a colloquial name for Koreans. See the Chinese Wikipedia page for more. pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. club, stick, a short and thick club
  2. (dialectal) corn
  3. (dialectal) bottle
  4. (slang, pejorative) a Korean person, gook
Synonyms: (club) , , 棍子, , 棍棒, (corn) 玉米, (bottle) 瓶子, , (a Korean person) 高丽棒子, 韩棒子, 思密达, 二鬼子

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