The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 死人

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Entry definition

死人 〈sǐ rén〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology {{zh-compound}} pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. dead person
    • {{zh-usex}}
  2. corpse
  3. (colloquial, often jocular) an unpleasant person, bastard, son of a bitch
    • {{zh-usex}}
Synonyms: (dead person) {{zh-l}}, (corpse) {{zh-l}}
verb: {{zh-verb}}
  1. (of a person) to die
    • {{zh-usex}}
  2. (usually in exaggerations) to make people die, to be dangerous
    • {{zh-usex}}
    • {{zh-usex}}
adjective: {{zh-adj}}
  1. (Cantonese) damn; wretched; stupid
    • {{zh-usex}}
Synonyms: (Mandarin) {{zh-l}}
adverb: {{zh-adv}}
  1. (analysable as Hani ("intensifying adverb") + Hani ("person")) to be ... enough to make people die, an intensifying suffix; an augmented form of "adj. + 人" phrases (usually expressing frustration, discomfort, surprise)
    • {{zh-usex}}
    • {{zh-usex}}

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