The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 牛比

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牛比 〈niú bǐ〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology An alternative form of 牛逼 (literally "cow's cunt"), an expression possibly influenced by the expression 吹牛皮 (chuī niú pí) which means "to brag". pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
adjective: {{zh-adj}}
  1. (slang) fucking awesome {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}}
Synonyms: niúbāi 牛掰, niúbī NB, niúbī 牛逼, niúbī 牛屄, niúbí 牛鼻, niúbǐ 牛B, niúchā 牛叉, niúchā 牛X, niú

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