The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 犄角旮旯

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犄角旮旯 〈jī jiǎo gā lá〉 {{zh-forms}} Alternative forms: 犄角旯旮 (jījiǎolágā), 犄里旮旯 (jīlǐgālá), 犄里旯旮 (jīlǐlágā) etymology From {{zh-l}} and {{zh-l}}. See the respective articles for more. pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (dialectal, informal) every nook and corner, every nook and cranny
    • 犄角旮旯蹤影。 / 犄角旮旯踪影I've searched every nook and corner, but still couldn't find that book.

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