The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 福大命大造化大

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福大命大造化大 〈fú dà mìng dà zào huà dà〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology Literally, "lucky, lucky, lucky" (using three different synonyms). pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
idiom: {{zh-idiom}}
  1. (slang) to be extremely fortunate and blessed
    • 2008: Living Green Dragon (在世青龙), 无法用科学解释的“福大命大”!图文集 歷險大難不死按照我們中國人傳統說法真的夠得上福大、命大、造化大」。 (trad.) 历险大难不死按照我们中国人传统说法真的够得上福大、命大、造化大”。 (simp.) He escaped death many times. According to the traditional Chinese saying, he really is "lucky, lucky, lucky."

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