The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 米國

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米國 〈mǐ guó〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology From Japanese 米国 〈mǐ guó〉. Sometimes interpreted literally, i.e. "rice country". pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-proper noun}}
  1. (often, humorous) America, the United States of America
    • 2011-06-17, 米国议员Weiner玩微博引发的杯具: 米国共和党议员Weiner准备参加纽约市长竞选小心BO起Twitter群发——原本单独维持网络暧昧关系女人结果杯具The Republican [sic] U.S. Congressman Weiner was going to begin an election campaign to run for the mayor of New York, but unintentionally, he sent a link to a photo of his erected penis - which was only meant to be seen by a woman who maintains unclear relationship with him on the Internet - on Twitter. Then "tragedy happened (to him)".
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