The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 老

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〈lǎo〉 {{zh-forms}} pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (classical) the elderly, one's elder {{zh-usex}}
verb: {{zh-verb}}
  1. (classical) respect [the elderly, one's elders] {{zh-usex}}
adjective: {{zh-adj}}
  1. old, aged (for persons, animate and inanimate objects generally)
  2. experienced
  3. overcooked, tough, stringy, hard (used in reference to cooked food or meat) {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}}
  4. stale, not fresh (used in reference to food or potable liquids)
  5. always, all the time {{zh-usex}}
prefix: {{zh-pref}}
  1. (affectionate, respectful) Used before surnames (姓) to refer to heads or elder members of families (compare for younger people). {{zh-usex}}
  2. (usually respectful and affectionate) Used by analogy in several other relationship terms {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}}
  3. (zoology) Used before several animals considered noxious or unpleasant {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}}
  4. (colloquial) Used before placenames, particularly countries, to form nouns {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}} {{zh-usex}}
  • 老子
  • 老外
  • 老黑
  • 老师
  • 老虎
  • 老鼠
  • 老掉牙
  • 老婆
  • 老公
  • 老套
  • 老乡

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