The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 鬼

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〈guǐ〉 {{zh-forms}} {{stroke order}} {{stroke order}} {{stroke order}} {{wikipedia}}
glyph origin: {{liushu}} – a man or figure with an ugly face and tail. Compare 〈yì〉, where the 田 also derives from a face. It may not be clear from the character, but the lower right “dot” is a small ; it is a residual tail – compare . Graphically, modern form is {{Han compound}}.
etymology unknown. May be related to {{zh-l}} with k-nominalisation and endoactive tone B, lit. "the thing which is doing the overawing", or related to {{zh-l}}. See also {{zh-l}}. pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
definitions: {{zh-hanzi}}
  1. ghost, especially that of a deceased who has returned to haunt the living; devil; apparition {{zhex}}
  2. goblin; demon; spirit
  3. stealthy; tricky; furtive
  4. a sinister plot; a dirty trick {{zhex}}
  5. devilish; damned; ghastly {{zhex}}
  6. (informal) clever; smart; quick {{zhex}}
  7. (derogatory) fool; blockhead; guy {{zhex}}
  8. Derogatory name for people with a flaw or vice. {{zhex}} {{zhex}} {{zhex}}
  9. (intimate) imp; urchin {{zhex}} {{zhex}}
  10. (regional, usually in compounds) a Caucasian or Western person {{zhex}}
  11. (Cantonese, inserted in certain adjectives) so; very
  12. (vulgar) an intensifier {{zhex}} {{zhex}}
  13. Kangxi radical 194 "ghost, demon"
compounds: {{der3 }}
descendants: {{Sinoxenic-word}}

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