The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 鬼佬

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鬼佬 〈guǐ lǎo〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology From Cantonese (gwai2, "ghost") + (lou2, "guy, fucker"), from the supposed resemblance of Portuguese and other European skin tones to ghosts. pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (chiefly, Cantonese, colloquial, pejorative, usually offensive) Gweilo, "foreign devil"; (particularly) "whitey", a European, a Caucasian.
A derogatory term for white people, particularly men, mainly in speech. Prior to the 1980s, the term was commonly prefixed in Cantonese by (sei2, "death, damnation"), with the meaning "damned ghost fucker, damned foreign devil". Synonyms: 老外 〈lǎo wài〉, 西人 〈xī rén〉
related terms:
  • 鬼子 〈guǐ zi〉
  • 鬼婆 〈guǐ pó〉
  • 鬼仔 〈guǐ zǐ〉
  • 鬼妹 〈guǐ mèi〉
  • 白鬼 〈bái guǐ〉
  • 黑鬼 〈hēi guǐ〉

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