The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 鬼婆

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鬼婆 〈guǐ pó〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology means literally "ghost woman", and is a variation on the more common masculine term 鬼佬 (gweilo). pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
noun: {{zh-noun}}
  1. (Cantonese, slang, pejorative) an (older) Caucasian woman, gweipo
An (originally) derogatory term used by Cantonese speakers to refer specifically to an (older) white woman. It has come into common usage and has increasingly reduced its derogatory edge.
related terms:
  • 鬼佬
  • 鬼子
  • 鬼仔
  • 鬼妹
  • 白鬼
  • 黑鬼

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