The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: 鼻子不是鼻子臉不是臉

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鼻子不是鼻子臉不是臉 〈bí zi bù shì bí zi liǎn bù shì liǎn〉 {{zh-forms}} etymology Literally, "the nose is not the nose and the face is not the face." pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
idiom: {{zh-idiom}}
  1. (colloquial) to flare up; to be in a foul temper; in a bad mood; unhappy
    • 2006: Crystal (ed.), 序章:三、為什麼要解聘員工 正當猴子昏天暗地突然提起猴子另外然後鼻子不是鼻子臉不是臉猴子狠狠臭罵Just as the monkey was dazed and confused, the fat cat suddenly mentioned something he had forgotten, whereupon the fat cat got ticked off and ruthlessly started to abuse him.

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