The Alternative Chinese Dictionary: OK

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Entry definition

OK Alternative forms: {{zh-l}} (one of the ways to transliterate into Chinese characters) pronunciation {{zh-pron }}
adjective: {{zh-adj}}
  1. (colloquial, non-standard) all right
    • 11樓 - Page 90 Hani
interjection: {{zh-interj}}
  1. (colloquial, non-standard) OK {{zh-usex}}
  • Using Roman letters in a Chinese running text is frowned upon by many purists and not supported by language policies of Chinese speaking areas, but a limited number of words in Roman script in all capitals have entered Chinese dictionaries and mainstream Chinese literature.
  • In transcribing speech synonyms are often used instead of "OK", e.g. {{zh-l}}, {{zh-l}}.
Synonyms: {{zh-l}}, {{zh-l}}, {{zh-l}}, {{zh-l}}

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