The Alternative Czech Dictionary: flundra

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flundra pronunciation
  • /flundra/
etymology 1 Originally “a woman from Flanders”, “a woman who came with Flemish soldiers”.{{R:Rejzek 2007}}{{R:Machek 1968|flundra 2°}}
noun: {{cs-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, pejorative) A disreputable, promiscuous woman; floozie, slut, tramp
  2. (obsolete) A tattered piece of cloth; rag, shred
Synonyms: běhna, coura
etymology 2 Borrowing from German Flunder.{{R:Machek 1968|flundra 1°}}
noun: {{cs-noun}}
  1. (obsolete) flounder Platichthys flesus
Synonyms: platýs, platýs bradavičnatý

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