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klika {{wikipedia}}
etymology 1 From Proto-Slavic *kluka, from Proto-Indo-European *klēw-. pronunciation
  • /ˈklɪka/
noun: {{cs-noun}}
  1. door handle
  2. doorknob
  3. crank a bent piece of an axle or shaft, or an arm attached to the end of a shaft or wheel, used to impart a rotation to a wheel or other mechanical device
etymology 2 Borrowing from German Glück. pronunciation
  • /ˈklɪka/
noun: {{cs-noun}}
  1. (informal) luck
etymology 3 Borrowing from French clique. pronunciation
  • /ˈklɪka/
noun: {{cs-noun}}
  1. (informal) clique group of people
  2. (graph theory) clique subgraph isomorphic to a complete graph

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