The Alternative Danish Dictionary: lort

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lort pronunciation
  • /lort/, [ˈloɐ̯ˀd]
interjection: {{head}}
  1. crap, shit (See )
noun: {{da-noun}}
  1. turd (a piece of excrement)
  2. (vulgar, pejorative) jerk, bastard
Synonyms: (a piece of excrement) , (bastard) skid, skiderik
noun: {{da-noun}}
  1. crap, shit (See )
  2. (informal) muck, rubbish (See and )
  3. (informal) rubbish, drivel (See )
Synonyms: (feces) afføring, ekskrementer, (trash) bras, skidt, (nonsense) pis, gas

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