The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: griet

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griet pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 An onomatopoeia.
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. alternative form of grutto (the bird godwit)
etymology 2 From the Dutch girl's name Margriet, cognate with English Margaret.
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. (informal) girl, (young or any) female, often derogatory: broad
  1. short for margriet, an apple variety
etymology 3 An euphemistic alteration of god in curse words, to remove the blasphemous nature.
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. euphemism for God, notable as an alternative for blasphemous cursing
etymology 4
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. {{taxlink}}, brill a fish species
  • gerit, giert

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