The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: knikker

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Entry definition

etymology 1
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. a marble toy
  2. various similarly shaped objects, including:
    1. a billiards ball
    2. certain seed
    3. (humorous) a head, especially a bald skull (typically in kale knikker)
  3. (by extension) a lump or stone
  4. (metonymy) (in the plural, absolutely used with definite article: de knikkers) The stake of a game, deal etc.
Synonyms: (marbles) marbel {{g2}}, stuiter {{g2}}
etymology 2 Germanic: the root of knikken 'to nod' + -er
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A nodder
related terms:
  • jaknikker {{g2}}
  • krikken

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