The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: pijpen

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pijpen pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • [ˈpɛipən]
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. nl-noun form of pl
verb: {{nl-verb}}
  1. to whistle; to hum; to blow (as in to play a wind instrument) Naar iemands pijpen dansen. - (litt. To dance after someone's piping.) To do as one is told.
  2. (colloquial) to fellate, to blow, to suck Pijp m'n stijve Suck my stiffy
Synonyms: (to whistle, blow or hum) fluiten, (to blow, fellate, suck) fellatio doen, likken, fluiten, pfeifen

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