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pinda etymology From Papiamento pienda, from Kongo; see pinder. Sense 4 is from the relatively neutral term pindachinees from the 1930s, which was later pejoratively applied to people from East Asia in general, including Indonesians who came en masse to the Netherlands in the late 1940s. pronunciation
  • /ˈpɪnda/
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. a peanut, the nut-like pod containing the edible seed(s) of a leguminous plant Pinda's groeien onder de grond Peanuts grow underground
  2. (botany) the annual herb Arachnis hypogea, which produces the above
  3. {{g2}} the above seeds, gathered to be eaten as a snack or processed into food products
  4. (pejorative, ethnic slur) people from East Asia, most commonly Chinese and Indonesians
Synonyms: aardnoot {{g2}}, aardpimpernoot {{g2}}, apennootje {{g2}}, grondnoot {{g2}}, Lombokker {{g2}}, olienoot {{g2}}, piendel {{g2}} (cognate), aardpimpernoot {{g2}}

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