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poot pronunciation
  • /ˈ'poːt/
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noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. (anatomy) limb (arm or leg) of an animal (sometimes human) Spinnen hebben acht poten. Spiders have eight legs.
  2. (slang) leg or foot Geen poot hebben om op te staan. Not having a leg to stand on.
  3. (slang) hand Blijf met je poten van me af! Keep your hands off me!
  4. leg of an object, e.g. furniture Een kruk met drie poten. A stool with three legs.
  5. (vulgar, derogatory) homosexual
Although using poot to denote limbs of humans in normally considered rude, there are some exceptions in case of idioms (Op zijn achterste poten staan. To get up on one's hind legs.)
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of poten
  2. nl-verb form of poten

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