The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: reet

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reet etymology From rijten pronunciation
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noun: {{nl-noun}} (sometimes {{g2}})
  1. A rip-up spot, tear; cleft, crack, crevice De kat krabde reten in het behang. The cat tore up the wallpaper to shreds.
  2. (vulgar) The butt crack, arse, anus
  3. (by extension, vulgar) The butt, behind
  4. (by extension, vulgar) (in geen reet nothing at all) nothing
Synonyms: (crack) kier, spleet, (arse-hole) aars, gat, hol
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of rijten
  • eert, eter, teer, tere, tree

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