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vast pronunciation
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  • /vɑst/
etymology From Middle Dutch vast, from odt fast, from Proto-Germanic *fastuz; see it for cognates and further etymology.
adjective: {{nl-adj}}
  1. firm, fast, tight
  2. fixed, not moving or changing vaste lasten fixed costs
  3. stuck, unable to get out
  4. (chemistry) in the solid state
  5. (botany) perennial
  6. (of a telephone) using a landline
adverb: {{nl-adv}}
  1. surely, certainly
  2. (informal, sarcastically) sure, yeah, right Mijn hond at mijn huiswerk. / Mijn hond heeft mijn huiswerk opgegeten.Ja, vast! My dog ate my homework. — Yeah, right!
Synonyms: zeker, zeker weten
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of vasten
  2. nl-verb form of vasten

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