The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: zwabber

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etymology 1 Probably the root of zwabben (from swabben 'to plod(der), drudge trough (filth)(y) (water)', cognate with to swab) + -er
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A mop, implement for clean floors etc., especially aboard a vessel
  2. Certain other nautical cleaning implements:
    1. A dradenstoffer {{g2}}
    2. A zeilveger {{g2}}
  3. (metonymy) A cabin-boy, least senior sailor (apprentice), as he (or they) must most often do chores like manning the mop
  4. A ship officer on the guard duty kuilwacht
  5. (pejorative) An irresponsible person, notably:
    1. A party animal
    2. A squanderer
    3. A drunk, who staggers (compare etymology 2)
  6. A dirty person
  7. A dirtbag
  8. (metonymy) The tail of a fish or whale
Synonyms: (boy) scheepsjongen {{g2}}; see below derived terms, (party animal) fuifbeest {{g2}}, fuifnummer {{g2}}, (squanderer) doordraaier {{g2}}, verkwister {{g2}}, (drunk) dronkenlap {{g2}}, zatlap {{g2}}, zuipschuit {{g2}}, (dirty person) smeerpoes {{g2}}
related terms:
  • gezwabber {{g2}}
  • zwabberaar {{g2}}
  • zwabbelen
  • zwabberen (verb)
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of zwabberen
  2. nl-verb form of zwabberen
etymology 2 From zwabberen, a frequentative (alongside zwabbelen) from zwabben 'to drudge, plod(der)'
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A swaggerer, staggerer
  2. A tramp, vagrant, hobo
  3. A beggar
Synonyms: (swaggerer) zwalper {{g2}}, (tramp) landloper {{g2}}, zwerver {{g2}}, (beggar) bedelaar {{g2}}
etymology 3 Germanic, probably from English swabber, a whist term
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A form of the cards game pandoeren, without trump or points

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