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'cause Alternative forms: cos, 'cos, cus, 'cus (UK), coz, 'coz, cuz, 'cuz (US) etymology Aphetic form of because; first used in the 15th century. pronunciation
  • (AU) /kɔz/
  • (UK) /kɒz/; (unstressed) /kəz/
  • (US) /kʌz/, {{enPR}}, {{audio}}
conjunction: {{en-con}}
  1. (colloquial, slang) Because.
    • 1913, Joseph C. Lincoln, 7 , [ Mr. Pratt's Patients] , ““[…] if you call my duds a ‘livery’ again there'll be trouble. It's bad enough to go around togged out like a life saver on a drill day, but I can stand that 'cause I'm paid for it. […]””
  • sauce

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