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AC {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: (air conditioning) a.c., A/C, a/c, (alternating current) A.C., a.c., ac, (army corps, atheletic club) A.C., (anno Christi, ante Christum) A.C., A. C., (ante cibum) a.c.
initialism: {{rfc-header}} {{head}}
  1. absolute ceiling
  2. account current
  3. acre
  4. (music) adult contemporary, a radio format
  5. air conditioning; air conditioned
  6. air corps
  7. aircraftman
  8. all clear, as in button on electronic calculator
  9. (electricity) alternating current; often used to indicate an alternating potential rather than a current, as in 110V AC.
  10. anno Christi, in the year of Christ.
  11. ante Christum, before Christ.
  12. (medical) ante cibum, before meals.
  13. (religion) antichristian
  14. appellation contrôlée
  15. area code
  16. army corps
  17. (legal) as charged, as in: guilty as charged, usually a/c
  18. athletic club
  19. (Internet, slang) audible chuckle {{rfex}}
  20. author's correction
  21. automobile club
  22. (US, military) Auxiliary Collier - a naval coal transport that travels with the fleet to provide coal for coal powered warships
  23. (set theory) axiom of choice
  24. (Australia) Companion of the Order of Australia.
  25. aviation cadet
  26. America's Cup competition yacht sailing match racing regatta
  27. (chemistry) initialism of ammonium chloride
Synonyms: (anno Christi) AD (anno Domini), (ante Christum) BC (before Christ)
  • (alternating current) DC
  • (ante Christum) AD (anno Domini)
abbreviation: {{rfc-header}} {{head}}
  1. Aceh, an autonomous province of Indonesia.
  2. (geography) Acre, a state of Brazil.
  • CA, ca, ca.

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